“His book of celebrity portraits is as extensive and tenacious a collection of famous contemporary people as any in existence.
His access was unmatched and amazing.”
Maggie Steber, former Miami Herald Director of Photography

“You have created unique & revealing portraits of celebrities using absolutely no gimmicks of setting, lighting, nor props.
Yours are just straight on facial portraits, yet in almost every case the celeb became more real to me, more of a person rather
than a persona. Even Dennis Rodman. You are quite a gifted photographer.”
Michael Murphy, Max & Co.

“Thank you so very much for the gorgeous portrait you did of B B King. It's sitting here in my office, and I feel like the man
himself is here. You've captured so much of this man in this portrait it's unbelievable!”
Vicky Manley, Director of the Coral Springs Centre

“David Jacobs, celebrity photographer extraordinaire shoots celebs his way-sharp, direct, and honest.”
Zuma Press

"i was a street celeb photog in nyc (and la sf phila etc) for 17 years  and this absolutely floored me. wow!!!!
the pics u had that i could see in that video.. were absolutely  incredible. im very jealous.
and theres nearly no one i havent shot."

"I liked the book a lot, it was close indeed -- closer, I'd say now, than anyone but a lover or a photographer is likely to come --
and that put an unusual spin on the portraits.."
Vicki Goldberg, Photography Critic for the New York Times